What’s new in MAPP 2012?

As MAPP continues to grow, we want to keep everyone up to date on what is happening within the programme and where it’s going…

This year, there have been many changes to MAPP this year, including:

  • New member- Itai Ivtzan has joined our team for the year. He is a great addition to the team and brings his vast knowledge of spirituality and mindfulness to the table. Welcome again Itai!

  • Themed weekends- We have structured the weekend to follow coherent themes which we feel enable students to get a better idea of how the topics/concepts work together.

  • Seminars – Tying in with the above addition, we have included a one-hour seminar at the end of every weekend to help students to bring together the weekend themes and think about how they can practically apply them in their life and work.

  • Surviving MAPP Handbook- Just so you are aware, your comments and suggestions do not go unheard. Over the summer, we wrote a 50+ page ‘survival guide’ that included all of your ‘what I wish I had known’ information as well as practical and logistic information surrounding campus issues and study tips.

  • Internships- After a year of fighting for this opportunity, we have been given the all clear to offer MAPP internships for our students. If you are currently a MAPP student and interested, please get in touch!

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